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Lisa Immordino Vreeland | 2021 | 86 MINS
The work, lives, and personal journeys of two American literary giants coalesce with creative combustion in this innovative dual-portrait documentary.

In Detail

Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote, two of America’s most famous Southern writers, were not the greatest of friends. Their paths crossed meaningfully, however, at times leading to “bitchery”, as Williams put it deliciously, but also to genuine appreciation for each other’s work. Their camaraderie and rivalry get an intelligent treatment in Lisa Immordino Vreeland’s scrupulous documentary.

In the end, both men are beaten down by critics, and they reconcile out of what seems like mutual respect. Vreeland’s documentary bears out the truth that, for galvanic stars whose demons fuel their work, fame always comes at a price, and happiness proves fleeting. Interviews by Dick Cavett, and David Frost.

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