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Bogdan George Apetri | 2020 | 123 MINS
Romania/Latvia/Czech Republic | Subtitles
UK Premiere

An unsolved case. An unknown criminal. An obsessed cop. His investigation plunges him into a world of darkness and violence, pulling everyone around him into a web of destructive passion and revenge.

In Detail

‘Unidentified’ is the story of Florin, a hot-headed cop (Bogdan Farcas) who grows fixated on cracking open a mysterious case of arson that left two women dead. Determined to pin the blame on a young Romani man (Dragos Dumitru), he begins to lose control, driven less by the evidence than by racism and his cold-blooded pursuit of revenge.

As we then learn, Florin (and the film’s narrative structure) has been concealing further unflattering information about his professional and personal life. He is in enormous debt, with the local bank threatening to repossess his car, and his school music teacher wife has left him. These strands afflicting him converge in a climax where his behaviour is almost comically unrealistic.

A film torn between competing tones of heightened satire and character-based realism. A dark, propulsive thriller about corruption and racism in Romania’s police force.

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