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Yasujiro Ozu Talk

Ozu in Plain English

Dr Jasper Sharp | 2023 | 100 MINS
Film Talk

A talk, illustrated with a range of clips, on the Japanese director Yasujirô Ozu, whose film ‘Tokyo Story’ was recently voted the 4th greatest of all time.

In Detail

Yasujirô Ozu (1903-63) is regularly described as “the most Japanese of all directors” – so Japanese in fact, that while he was alive, his studio Shochiku initially refused to allow overseas retrospectives of his work for fear that foreign audiences wouldn’t understand them.

And yet nowadays his films such as ‘Late Spring’ (1949), ‘Tokyo Story’ (1953) and ‘An Autumn Afternoon’ (1962) regularly feature in international critics’ ‘Best of’ lists, while much as been written about his unique and idiosyncratic approach to the visual composition and aesthetic of his family dramas, which he is described as having elevated to the state of high art.

In this illustrated lecture, author, filmmaker and curator Dr Jasper Sharp attempts to cut through mystique that has been built up around the director over the decades since his death, arguing that his films retain their universal power to move and entrance viewers of whatever age and cultural background.

100m (inc 10 mins Q&A)

Watch the trailer here:

Mon 2 Oct — 18:00 – In the Auditorium

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