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Un Dimanche à la Campagne

Bertrand Tavernier | 1984 | 90 MINS
France | Subtitles
Every Sunday, an old painter living in the country is visited by his son Gonzague, and his wife and his three children. Then, his daughter Irene arrives, and tensions begin to rise.

In Detail

‘A Sunday in the Country’ is exactly that – the action takes place on a single day, and mostly in the house and garden of the artist Monsieur Lamiral (Louis Ducreux) An elderly widower, he lives alone except for Sunday, the day when his son and family visit from Paris.

On the face of it nothing much happens, apart from the unexpected arrival of his daughter, and yet by the end we know much more about these characters, and their relationships with each other. ‘A Sunday in the Country’ has a haunting, sweet, sad quality. It is about this family, and many families. It is told by Tavernier with great attention to detail, and the details add up to the way life is.

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