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Blue Bayou

Justin Chon | 2021 | 117 MINS
USA/Canada | Some Subtitles
Struggling to make a better life for his family, Korean adoptee Chon must confront the ghosts of his past when he discovers that he could be deported from the only country he has ever called home.

In Detail

Written and directed by Justin Chon, the film explores the consequences of a remorseless clause in the US’s immigration legislation. Antonio has been living in the country since babyhood, having been adopted by an American couple with a French surname.

He has an American wife (Alicia Vikander) and stepdaughter, but he’s about to be caught up in the kind of red tape that entangles the lives of so many refugees and asylum.

‘Bayou’ is an angry film, lashing out at an ineffective, cruel immigration system that wrecks lives. Vikander has never been better.

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