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An illustrated conversation

120 MINS
With Brock Van den Bogaerde and John Coldstream.

In the latter part of his career Dirk Bogarde collaborated memorably with some of the giants of European cinema: Visconti, Fassbinder, Cavani, Resnais and Tavernier.

In Detail

To mark Bogarde’s centenary his nephew, Brock Van den Bogaerde, and his official biographer, John Coldstream, meet to discuss a distinguished body of work, illustrated with extracts selected from ‘The Damned’ (1969), ‘Death in Venice’ (1971), ‘The Night Porter’ (1975), ‘Providence’ (1977), ‘Despair’ (1978) and Bogarde’s poignant 1990 swansong, ‘Daddy Nostalgie’ (These Foolish Things).