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Godzilla Minus One

Gojira -1.0

Takashi Yamazaki | 2023 | 124 MINS
Japan | Subtitles
Newly Added - Japan

Another late inclusion in this Awards Season programme, what has been termed by critics as the best Godzilla film in decades - an instant classic with terrific special effects and a really entertaining story to match. 98% - Rotten Tomatoes

In Detail

Post war Japan is at its lowest point when a new crisis emerges in the form of a giant monster, baptized in the horrific power of the atomic bomb.

Kamikaze pilot Koichi Shikishima (Ryunosuke Kamiki) stumbles into a Godzilla attack at the start of the film, and his cowardice costs lives. So, when the creature stirs again a few years later, Shikishima has a chance to redeem himself and save his new family, but can he face his greatest fear? A tough call, as this Godzilla is an elemental, uncaring force, a manifestation of Japan's darkest psychology.

It is the rare kaiju (giant monster genre) movie that cares this deeply about the inner lives and motivations of the people scurrying out of the way of the monster’s giant thudding feet.