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Housewives and the Homefront

Unsung Heroines or Domestic Drudges?

Maggie Andrews | 2024 | 100 MINS
Film Talk

To mark Women’s History Month this talk will look at the ways in which the women left at home during World War Two were portrayed in the films of the time.

In Detail

Housewives and the Homefront in Second World War Films

The Second World War was fought not only on the battle-front but in fields, factories and homes.

Women who entered the workforce as munitions workers, land girls and members of the women’s armed forces were celebrated in films like ‘The Gentle Sex’ (1943) and ‘Millions Like Us’ (1943). In this talk, featuring a range of clips, cultural historian and author Maggie Andrews will however focus on how the majority of women who were housewives struggling with rationing, evacuees and keeping the home fires burning were portrayed in film. ‘Mrs Miniver’ will be screened to complement this talk on Sun 17 March.
100m (inc 10 mins Q&A)

Sat 9 Mar 10:30 - In the Auditorium
Tickets only £6.50 (Students free)