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La Nuit Venue

Frédéric Farrucci | 2020 | 95 MINS
France | Subtitles
Paris, 2018. Jin (Guang Huo), a young undocumented immigrant, drives at night in a fraudulent taxi scheme for the Chinese mafia in order to pay his ‘debt’.

In Detail

His rides are punctuated by sophisticated electro music, a vestige of his past as a DJ in Beijing. One night, the bewitching Noémie (Camélia Jordana) climbs aboard his taxi.

Intrigued by Jin’s silence and aura and transported by his music, she decides to make him her appointed driver for her night activities. The love story that develops between them pushes Jin to break some rules and attempt to set himself free.

Using classic ingredients of film noir (the criminal gang, the femme fatale, the twists of fate, the dead end, the risky choices taken to find a way out, etc), Frédéric Farrucci unveils a cruel society of man’s exploitation by man, to a César-awarded score composed by Rone.

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