Operation Bamboozle

Conning the Enemy

R. Coxon & S. Guthrie | 2022 | 120 MINS
Auditorium Talk

With ‘Operation Mincemeat’ showing at the cinema, the education team will be looking at the art of trickery and misdirection in a time of war.

In Detail

‘Operation Mincemeat’ tells the famous story of a plan to mislead the Nazi High Command, making them think that the Allied invasion of Europe would start in Greece, and not the actual target of Sicily. The “stranger than fiction” plan came initially from the mind of James Bond author Ian Fleming.

That was not the only example of apparently far-fetched attempts at bamboozling the enemy, and a selection of films about outrageous examples of wartime subterfuge - both fact and fiction - will be featured alongside a look at ‘Operation Mincemeat’. Expect doppelgängers, double agents, and other forms of smoke and mirrors as the intelligence services go to extraordinary lengths to outwit their enemies.
Rosemary Coxon & Sandy Guthrie 120m

Sat 23 Apr 10:30 - In the auditorium

Tickets £6.50
Friends/Students £5

Also Screening: Operation Mincemeat - 30 Apr to 12 May