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Jessica Swale | 2019 | 99 MINS
Gemma Arterton gives a knockout performance as a crotchety loner who takes in a child evacuee. Director Jessica Swale’s uplifting and nostalgic debut film.

In Detail

Arterton is Alice, a reclusive writer living on the south coast who is regarded with suspicion by the village. One morning she finds herself burdened with a young London evacuee Frank. Her initial hostility turns to grudging affection for the boy against the background of the war and the antipathy of the village.

Haunted by memories of a painful break-up, Alice begins to discover a shared history with Frank. Filmed in Kent and Sussex, ‘Summerland’ delivers nostalgia, humour and melancholy while never straying into the sentimental. Arterton and young Lucas Bond are a triumph as the odd couple while Tom Courtney, Penelope Wilton and the coastal landscape co-star.

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