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The End We Start From

Mahalia Belo | 2023 | 102 MINS
A woman who along with her newborn try to find their way home as environmental crisis that submerges London in flood waters and sees a young family torn apart in the chaos.

In Detail

Bringing a child into a desolate, flooded, famine-ridden land, which happens to be England, is an overwhelming burden for the nameless person Jodie Comer plays in this film.

Apocalypse and motherhood befall her simultaneously – and throughout the film, she seeks higher ground, food, shelter, safety and whatever headspace she can snatch. So are most people in the country.

This is nourishing, frequently moving, and ends with heroic understatement, where a cruder film would have gone all out for the heartstrings. The ‘Killing Eve’ star finally shakes that off as her defining role, thanks to a heroic performance in Mahalia Belo's tense, stirring new film.

Benedict Cumberbatch's production company is behind the film, and he also stars alongside. Mark Strong, Joel Fry and Katherine Waterston.

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