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The Mission

Amanda McBaine, Jesse Moss | 2023 | 103 MINS
Focus on the Documentary

In 2018, a shocking event made headlines around the world: a young American missionary, John Chau, was killed by arrows while attempting to contact one of the world’s most isolated Indigenous peoples on remote North Sentinel Island.

In Detail

‘The Mission’ uncovers the gripping story beyond the headlines.

Through exclusive interviews and with unprecedented access to Chau’s secret plans, personal diaries, and video archives, the film examines the mythology of exploration that inspired him, the evangelical community that supported his quest, and reveals his own father’s heartbreak as Chau’s youthful thirst for adventure became a fatal obsession.

This is a thoughtful, fair-minded exploration of what motivated Chau, and also spreads out to confront bigger questions on the legacy of colonialism, the delusions of white saviour narratives and the thin line between faith and fantasy.

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