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The Royal Hotel

Kitty Green | 2023 | 91 MINS
International Panorama: Australia

An atmospheric and suspenseful story about two women in a foreign land, and their differing ways of dealing with male attention.

★★★★★ The Observer

In Detail

Canadians Hanna (Julia Garner, ‘Ozark’) and Liv (Jessica Henwick, ‘Glass Onion’) are best friends backpacking in Australia.

After they run out of money, Liv, looking for an adventure, convinces Hanna to take a temporary live-in job behind the bar of a pub called 'The Royal Hotel' in a remote Outback mining town.

Bar owner Billy (Hugo Weaving) and a host of locals give the girls a riotous introduction to Down Under drinking culture but soon Hanna and Liv find themselves trapped in an unnerving situation that grows rapidly out of their control.

Well-acted and extremely suspenseful, this is an atmospheric and all too realistic film which will stick with you.

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