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Shadow of Fire


Tsukamoto Shinya | 2023 | 95 MINS
Japan | Subtitles
Japan Foundation Touring Programme

A beautifully stylish anti-war film that shows how suffering can take away our ability to make lasting connections. Premiered with huge success at the 2023 Venice Film Festival.

In Detail

Just after World War II, Tokyo was completely burnt down and ruined, yet the lives of the people who survived continued. In a hot and humid summer, a war orphan (Oga Tsukao) sneaks into a woman’s (Shuri) shabby house to steal, while a young soldier (Mirai Moriyama) arrives as a guest as she sells her body to make a living.

The three begin a strange life together forming a sort of makeshift family, but it is a short-lived experience as the scars of war mean that a stable life is very hard to achieve. Since his sensational theatrical debut with ‘Tetsuo: The Iron Man’ (1989), Tsukamoto Shinya has garnered a devoted fan base worldwide and influenced numerous creators.

This is a not a war film but a film that explores human principles and tragedy swayed by fate, which earned the Best Asian Film Award at Venice Film Festival 2023.

Screening as part of The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme - Unforgettable: Memories, Times and Reflections in Japanese Cinema.
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